Cultural Concept

  Characteristic Cultural Concepts of “Three Emphases and Five Minds”

  “Three Emphases” refer to emphases on gratitude, obedience and struggle and “Five Minds” refer to be loyal, responsible, motivated, united, and dedicated.

  Emphasis on gratitude refers to cultivate the truth of being a person, and to have the courage to return. We are given birth by parents, benefit from relatives, and the care of colleagues and friends. It is the company that gives us food and clothing, and provides us with a place to display our talents and accomplish a career. Drop of water in need, shall be returned with a spring in deed. We should have the courage to return, thank our parents for the grace of nurturing, the love of the loved ones, and the care of friends. We also should thank the companies for the positions they provide, and the organization for their care and training. Only by doing our job with due diligence and doing our best to overcome difficulties and create more benefits for the enterprise can we maximize the protection of our own interests and the greatest return to the enterprise. Gratitude is a two-way issue, so the company should also be grateful to the employees. It is the hard work of the employees that makes the company continue to grow and develop. The company should provide employees with attractive compensation and benefits, and provide sufficient material and spiritual security for employees' work and life. Always being grateful is the source of happiness in our lives.

  Emphasis on obedience refers to obey the corporate system and the corporate culture. Only those companies in which every order is executed without fail are efficient and competitive. In an enterprise, rules are rules and systems are systems. It is necessary to obey the overall development of the enterprise, also necessary to obey the rules and regulations of the enterprise. We should do as the subordinates obey the superior, the individual obeys the organization, the minority obeys the majority, the immediate interests obey the long-term interests, the local interests obey the overall interests, and the personal interests obey the corporate interests. Only in this way can we take concerted action, unite in one and form strong cohesion and combat effectiveness.

  Emphasis on struggle refers to a state of mind, a positive performance of a person and a fundamental way to achieve personal value. We recognize the differences between people, positions and positions, but because of the differences, we have to fight harder. The ability of a person can be changed and improved through hard work. An objective difference can be narrowed and eliminated through hard work. The premise of emphasis on struggle is love and dedication. We persist in treating each employee with a development perspective, and we encourage and motivate employees. As long as you work hard, you will also be on the spire of the pyramid.

  Five Minds refer to be loyal, responsible, motivated, united and dedicated. We should be loyal to the enterprise, be responsible to the cause, be motivated to work, be united to comrade, be dedicated to business and society. The core of advocating the "Five Minds" is to cultivate loyalty to the enterprise.

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